*Tickets include all aspects of the museum including machines, paintings, and Leonardo’s Workshop


Leonardo's Machines

The reconstruction of Leonardo’s machines according to the original plans written by the artist himself. A visit to the creative and enlightened realm of the protagonist of the Italian Renaissance with the most faithful reproductions of Leonardo’s greatest works. To understand the genius of the person there will be displayed the tools invented and designed by the master, the tools and machines that people are still using today 500 years later such as Bicycle, Automobile, Crane etc.


An accurate and detailed study of Leonardo da Vinci’s most celebrated works from the Mona Lisa to the Lady with an Ermine and the Last Supper to learn more about the secrets of the great master’s painting.

Mona Lisa Image
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Leonardo's Workshop

Leonardo da Vinci was a great teacher for great artists. The place where he taught and passed on his knowledge to his disciples was called “la bottega” (“the workshop”). This part of the exhibition represents a faithful reconstruction of Leonardo’s workshop with paintings made by his students on display. It is likely that some paintings were retouched by the hand of Leonardo himself.

Leonardo's Self-portrait

For the first time in America the revolutionary attribution of the self-portrait to the hand of the great genius made by Professor Barbatelli. The painting that has ignited debates around the world and that visitors will have a chance to see on display.

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